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Caucasian Shirwan rug

A vintage Handmade Caucasian Shirwan rug is a stunning piece of art from the Shirwan region, known for its fine knotting and sophisticated designs. These rugs are hand-knotted with pure wool and are known for their elemental simplicity and innovative designs, often featuring striking geometric patterns. The limited colour palette maximizes visual effects, making them visually stunning. The description of a "pretty vintage Caucasian Shirwan rug" aligns with these characteristics, with the wonderful colour palette and good condition indicating well-preserved wool quality. Antique Shirwan Caucasian rugs of high caliber ceased production around the turn of the 20th century, making them a valuable piece of history. Whether used as a centerpiece or a tasteful accent, a vintage Handmade Caucasian Shirwan rug adds elegance and history to any space.

Size : 267x160 cm