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Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan rug

The Antique Persian Sarouk Farahan rug, originating from the Farahan region in Iran, is a renowned type of Persian rug. This region, situated between the cities of Arak and Qom, has a rich history of rug production, with Farahan Sarouk rugs being one of its most notable contributions. These rugs are known for their close-cropped and tightly packed pile of fine yarn, often featuring dense allover field patterns, such as the Herati blossom and curling leaf antique carpet design. It is in very good condition, made from very fine hand-spun wool dyed with natural dyes. This not only gives the rug its unique and vibrant color but also attests to the high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that goes into the creation of these rugs. Their beauty and durability make them a valuable addition to any home or collection.

Size : 204x123 cm