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Beautiful old antique Turkmen Ersari

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The beautiful old antique Turkmen Ersari rug is a captivating piece with a rich history and unique design. It features stunning colors and intricate geometrical patterns, showcasing the craftsmanship of the Ersari Turkmen people. The rug is in great condition, highlighting the high-quality wool used in its creation. Ersari rugs are known for incorporating bright colorfast yellow and two shades of blue blended with a darker brown color, creating a distinct and vibrant aesthetic. Additionally, these rugs may feature designs seen in other tribal rugs from different origins, such as adaptations of diamonds, garden designs, Chinese cloud bands, mina khani patterns, and Persian herati fish designs. The antique Ersari Turkmen rugs often include a very clearly drawn out prayer-niche design or Mihrab at the top, distinguishing them from rugs woven by other Turkmen groups. This particular antique Ersari Turkmen rug is a testament to the artistry and cultural significance of these traditional textiles.

Size : 33x157 cm