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Stunning antique handmade Luri Qashqai rug

A Stunning antique handmade Luri Qashqai rug is a type of Persian rug that is highly valued for its craftsmanship and design. These rugs are made by the Qashqai people, a nomadic tribe from the Fars province of Iran. The Luri Qashqai rugs are known for their intricate patterns and vibrant colors. The antique Luri Qashqai rugs are particularly sought after. They are handmade, often dating back to the late 19th century. These rugs are considered rare and valuable, often fetching high prices in the market. One such rug was described as having a good low pile with one dark stain, great colors, and nice drawing. The size of these rugs can vary, but they are often large enough to cover a significant portion of a room’s floor.This is a wonderful antique handmade Persian Luri Qashqai rug has all over good low pile  with one dark stains . Has great colours and nice drawing.

Size : 222x130 cm