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Hakiemie Rug Gallery

Wonderful Old Antique Senneh rug

Antique Senneh carpets are truly wonderful! They are renowned for their exquisite use of colour, fabulous patterns, outstanding materials and unique construction techniques. The finest examples of these rugs were made in the mid-1800s during a golden age of regional carpet production. These rugs provide a link to cultural history and artistry through their beauty, design and originality of weaving technique and materials. The Persian knotting technique typical of Persian rugs is also known as Senneh knotting.  Each of these unique antique Senneh rugs has been constructed with extraordinary care, often using cloth, wool and silk. They have been made for many years, with versions dating back to the 18th century alongside those made as recently as the 20th century. This fabulous decorative antique Persian Senneh carpet has great drawing and wonderful colours, are in good condition and have full pile throughout and tiny damage to the border.

Size : 100x74 cm