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Hakiemie Rug Gallery

Wonderful vintage Chinese Pecking rug

The exquisite vintage Chinese Peking rug is a cherished artifact, embodying the rich heritage and masterful artistry of Chinese rug weaving. These captivating rugs are meticulously handcrafted using the traditional Peking knot method, yielding a plush and resilient pile that is both gentle to the touch and enduring. The complex designs of the Peking rug often incorporate elaborate symbols, such as dragons, phoenixes, and botanical motifs, all depicted in a lively and harmonious colour scheme. These rugs are greatly valued for their superior quality and ageless appeal, making them a sought-after enhancement to any home. Whether showcased as a piece of art or utilized as a lavish floor covering, a vintage Chinese Peking rug is guaranteed to infuse an ambiance of refinement and sophistication into any setting.

Size : 235x135 cm