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Antique India Agra rug

These rugs are known for their high quality wool and intricate designs. This rug has a beautiful drawing of a fish design which adds to its uniqueness and charm. The rug's good condition and even pile indicate that it has been well cared for. The stunning palette of colours adds to its aesthetic appeal. Agra carpets are often characterised by their rich colours and large-scale patterns. They were produced in a wide range of sizes, from small mats to large room-sized rugs1. The use of vegetable dyes and attention to the precision of the motifs are some of the factors that contribute to the elegance of these rugs. This rug is a fine example of an antique India Agra rug, with its good wool quality, wonderful colour palette and unique fish design. Such rugs can serve as a beautiful and valuable addition to any interior.

Size : 207x121cm