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Stunning antique handmade Qashqai rug

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An antique handmade Qashqai rug is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the Qashqai tribe in Iran. There is no doubt that this particular rug, with its good low pile and a few small areas of wear, is one that tells the story of its journey through time. There is something unique about Qashqai rugs, as they are characterized by vibrant colours and beautiful drawings, often symbolizing tribal motifs with specific cultural meanings, as well as vibrant colours. Even though the rug is antique, it has the ability to maintain its practicality, serving as a floor covering as well as a decorative wall hanging. Its handmade quality and unique design make it not only a rug, but also a piece of art that is certain to appreciate in value over time due to its uniqueness and quality.

Size :137x89 cm