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Stunning vintage Handmade Tabriiz rug

A vintage handmade Tabriz rug is a stunning example of Persian craftsmanship. These rugs are known for their classically designed antique carpets, which originate from Tabriz, a city near the Turkish border. The vintage and handmade nature of this Tabriz rug adds to its charm and value. The piece is more than just home decor; it brings warmth and character to any room. A testament to the skilled craftsmanship of the weavers is the rug's fine quality and good wool quality. Tabriz rugs are characterized by nice colours and great drawings. The rugs are often woven in jewel-toned colours and often feature multi-faceted floral heads, subtle arabesques, and lush vinery rendered with naturalistic detail. This rug is a wonderful addition to the collection of anyone who appreciates the beauty and history of Persian craftsmanship.

Size :156x100 cm