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Amazing Old Antique Handmade Baluchi rug

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The Old Antique Handmade Baluchi rug is a stunning piece of art that exudes history and tradition. Originating from the Baluchistan region in Iran, these vintage rugs are known for their intricate designs and rich colors, reflecting the cultural heritage of the area. Handcrafted with care and precision, each Baluchi rug tells a story through its unique motifs and patterns. Made from high-quality wool and natural dyes, these rugs are not only beautiful but also durable, making them a practical choice for any home. The timeless appeal of the Old Antique Handmade Baluchi rug makes it a versatile addition to any space, whether it's used as a decorative focal point or as a functional floor covering. Its classic charm and exceptional craftsmanship make it a valuable piece that can be passed down through generations. With its exquisite beauty and cultural significance, the Old Antique Handmade Baluchi rug is a true treasure that adds warmth and character to any room. Whether displayed in a traditional or modern interior, this vintage rug is sure to make a statement with its timeless elegance.

Size : 181x96 cm