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Hakiemie Rug Gallery

Mahal rug

It is without a doubt one of the most phenomenal pieces of work that can be seen in the art world today, an old antique handmade Persian Mahal rug. It embodies the rich cultural heritage of Persia. It is described that this particular rug has an all-over good pile and good condition, which implies that it has been well-preserved and well-maintained over the course of its existence. This rug has a good colour scheme and has a nice drawing which suggest that it contains a variety of vibrant hues woven into an intricate pattern or depiction featuring a variety of vibrant hues. It is often the case that these rugs are characterized by unique variations on classical Persian patterns, including the Herati, Mina Khani, and Harshang patterns. They are not only functional items, but they are also pieces of art that can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home due to their beauty and craftsmanship.

Size : 205x 131 cm