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Antique Caucasian Shahsavan Sumak Mafrash

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An Antique Caucasian Shahsavan Sumak Mafrash is a captivating textile piece that hails from the Caucasus region. Crafted around 1890, it bears the marks of time and tradition. This mafrash panel, created using the intricate soumak technique, features a design that is less common than many others. The colors are superb and all natural, reflecting the vibrant hues of the Shahsavan culture. Likely once part of a large storage bag, this mafrash panel remains in original condition, showing slight, even wear but no repairs. Its threads carry echoes of nomadic life, tribal motifs, and the rich heritage of the Caucasus. A true collector’s item, this Shahsavan Sumak Mafrash invites us to appreciate the artistry woven into every thread.

Size : 58x63cm