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Antique Chinese Ningxia rug

Antique Chinese Ningxia rugs, from the Ningxia region of China, are renowned for their understated elegance and formality. Dating back to at least the eighteenth century, these carpets often feature soft and muted fields of colour, particularly saffron yellows, ivory and a range of contrasting blues. The composition of these carpets is classically Chinese - open, balanced and stately. Traditional symbols such as dragons, cloud bands and fretwork motifs are common in the decoration. Known for their soft wools, low density of knots and heavy use of soft colours, Ningxia rugs are highly collectible, hand-woven and rare. The sublime quality, softness and luxurious texture of these rugs make them among the most popular and desirable of all antique Chinese rugs. This is an amazing colourful antique Chinese Ningxia rug with a wonderful drawing in the field and classic swastika border design, very good condition and fine wool quality.

Size : 202x123 cm