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Indian silk rug

There is nothing more beautiful and luxurious than a vintage Indian silk rug that showcases the vibrant colours and culture of India through a magnificent, luxurious piece of art. Indian silk rugs are known for their plush, lustrous qualities, as well as their visually and aesthetically decadent nature. As a result of the natural silk used in the making of these rugs, they are blended with recycled sari fibers, which gives them a unique and beautiful look and feel. There is no doubting that the silk used in these rugs has an unmistakable luminescence, sheen, and sumptuous soft texture that makes them so appealing to those who find them attractive. Colours are rich, motifs are grand, and compositions are elegant. Featuring beautiful drawings, bright silk, and an amazing colour palette, the vintage Indian silk rug is a wonderful decorative piece.

Size : 178x125 cm