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Hakiemie Rug Gallery

New Persian Tabriz rug

Tabriz, nestled in the northwestern embrace of Iran, is a city where skilled artisans weave masterpieces that transcend mere fabric. These rugs, narratives woven in wool, harbor whispered secrets and timeless sagas. Imagine walking barefoot on a Tabriz rug—the softness yielding to your touch, the patterns whispering forgotten tales. Floral arabesques, geometric symphonies, and sun-warmed medallions adorn these rugs, serving as portals to imagination. The very essence of Tabriz lies in its hand-spun sheep wool, absorbing the hues of sunsets, distant mountains, and meadows. Beneath the warp and weft, Tabriz harbors compassion, its threads breathing life into ancient traditions and creativity.

Size : 175x118 cm