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Hakiemie Rug Gallery

Beautiful Old antique decorative Saruk rug

Saruk rugs are beautiful old antique decorative Persian rugs that originate from the village of Sarouk and neighboring villages in central Iran. These rugs are known for their high-quality materials, intricate curvilinear floral patterns, and bold colours, often featuring red and blue. Cotton foundations and tight weaves make Saruk rugs dense, soft, and luxurious. Known for their durability and ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, Saruk rugs are made from high-quality wool. As their primary motif, Saruk rugs feature hexagon, diamond, or oval medallions surrounded by floral sprays and bouquets in a variety of colours, including red, green, ivory, light blue, and darker orange. Saruk rugs are distinguished by their salmon pink field colour, which is created by mixing curdled milk or yogurt into the dye.

200x127 cm