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Antique Persian Heriz rug

An antique Persian Heriz rug is a decorative fabric from Heriz, northwest Iran, known for its bold patterns, large medallions and durable construction. Made from resilient wool, these rugs are woven in the eastern Azerbaijan region around Tabriz. They combine the spontaneous craftsmanship of tribal weavers with the precision of urban Persian carpet-making, resulting in a vibrant yet dignified style. Rectilinear designs, a departure from traditional arabesques and scrolls, are distinctive. Heriz rugs are known for their durability, elegant patina and rich colours, making them a popular choice for consumers and collectors. Many Heriz carpets are antiques passed down through generations, adding a timeless sophistication to any home decor. This is a wonderful small size antique Persian Heriz carpet which is rare to find such a beautiful design in this size, have good condition and good wool quality with natural dyes.

Size : 193x147cm