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Beautiful vintage decorative Hamadan rug

A beautiful vintage decorative Hamadan rug is a type of handwoven rug that is produced in the region of Hamadan, a city in western Iran. Hamadan rugs are known for their diverse and artistic designs, their high-quality and durable wool, and their bold and geometric patterns. A vintage decorative Hamadan rug would have a rich and varied color palette, dyed with natural dyes, and a fine and glossy wool, with a low and smooth pile. The rug would typically feature a central medallion, a dark blue field, and a border with several bands of geometric and floral motifs. The rug would be a valuable and rare collector's item, as Hamadan rugs are considered to be among the most unique and expressive of all Persian rugs. The rug would add character and charm to any room.

Size : 198x134 cm